Sense, Sensibility, and Neuroscience
Sense, Sensibility, and Neuroscience
Wendy Jones | Dec 1, 2017
Jane Austen can teach us a lot about how our brains handle uncertainty.
Book Excerpt from <em>Jane on the Brain</em>
Book Excerpt from Jane on the Brain
Wendy Jones | Nov 30, 2017
In chapter 3, “The Sense of Sensibility,” author Wendy Jones uses scenes from one of Jane Austen’s most celebrated novels to illustrate the functioning of the body’s stress response system.
The Benefits of Trepidation
The Benefits of Trepidation
Abigail Marsh | Nov 1, 2017
While wiping fear from our brains may seem attractive, the emotion is an essential part of our behavioral repertoire.
Book Excerpt from <em>Rise of the Necrofauna</em>
Book Excerpt from Rise of the Necrofauna
Britt Wray | Sep 30, 2017
In chapter 4, “Why Recreate the Woolly Mammoth?” author Britt Wray explores the social consequences of bringing an iconic species back from extinction.
Bacteriophages to the Rescue
Bacteriophages to the Rescue
Emily Monosson | Jul 17, 2017
Phage therapy is but one example of using biological entities to reduce our reliance on antibiotics and other failing chemical solutions.
The Scientist Staff | Jul 17, 2017
Meet some of the people featured in the July/August issue of The Scientist.
Book Excerpt from <em>Natural Defense</em>
Book Excerpt from Natural Defense
Emily Monosson | Jul 16, 2017
In Chapter 3, “The Enemy of Our Enemy Is Our Friend: Infecting the Infection,” author Emily Monosson makes the case for bacteriophage therapy in the treatment of infectious disease.
How Moral Disgust Can Simultaneously Protect and Endanger Humanity
How Moral Disgust Can Simultaneously Protect and Endanger Humanity
Robert Sapolsky | Jun 1, 2017
The human brain’s insular cortex is adept at registering distaste for everything from rotten fruit to unfamiliar cultures.
Book Excerpt from <em>Behave</em>
Book Excerpt from Behave
Robert Sapolsky | May 31, 2017
In the book’s introduction, author and neuroendocrinologist Robert Sapolsky explains his fascination with the biology of violence and other dark parts of human behavior.
Why I Had My Sense of Flavor Genotyped
Why I Had My Sense of Flavor Genotyped
Bob Holmes | May 1, 2017
One person’s quest to get to the bottom of the unique way he experiences food