tactile perception
Mice Display Human-Like Sense of Body Awareness
Ben Andrew Henry | Oct 27, 2016
Mice can be tricked into thinking rubber tails belong to them, indicating they perceive body ownership similar to the way humans do.
Dissociating Sound and Touch
Jef Akst | Nov 12, 2013
Trained musicians appear to have superior multisensory processing skills, according to research presented at the Society for Neuroscience conference.
Monkeys Accept Virtual Arms as Own
Jef Akst | Aug 26, 2013
In a variation of the classic rubber-hand experiment, researchers have shown how the macaque brain can confuse visual and tactile stimuli.
Human Whiskers
Kerry Grens | Feb 1, 2013
Scientists probe our sense of touch for a feedback loop between sensation and motion.
Testing for Whisker Sense
Kerry Grens | Jan 31, 2013
A subject participates in an experiment devised by Weizmann Institute of Science researcher Ehud Ahissar to probe the neurological mechanics of tactile sensations.
Sense and Sensibility
Mary Beth Aberlin | Sep 1, 2012
Why is tactile perception so fundamental to life?