By Eric Albert

1 Sexual response cycle component.
4 First stage of mitosis.
9 Visual pigment in the rod.
11 With 14 Across, it makes a compound polar.
12 Body's first line of defense against pathogens.
13 See 11 Across.
16 It conveys semen
18 Vertebrate, collectively.
20 Specimen-treating dye.
21 Canine companion.
24 Counterpart of a rod.
25 It conveys information to a ribosome: abbr.
26 Galena is one of its principal ores.
29 Intestinal inhabitant: abbr.
30 Polar amino acid.
31 Limbic system component.
32 Long terminal ______
1 Largest part of the brain.
2 Form of an atom.
3 Impulse transmitter.
5 Proteolytic enzyme formed in the kidneys.
6 Physical distress.
7 Animal whose embryuo is surrounded ba fluid-filled sac.
8 Represent with nucleotide triplets.
10 Neher's 1991 Nobel Prize corecpient.
15 Element essential for plant and animal growth.
17 Period of sexual...

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