By Eric Albert

1 Immune response elicitor
5 Nervous follower?
9 Experiment
10 Malignant epithelial tumor
11 Lymphocyte-producing organ
12 Class of jawless vertebrates
15 Doc Edgerton's school: addr
17 Vitamen E compound
20 Sex-linked hereditary disorder
23 Gastric juice component, chemically
24 Use of PET or CAT, e.g.
26 Tobacco _____ virus
29 Relaxed person's EEG output
31 Starch, after hydrolyzation
32 Effective, as a drug
33 Skin color
1 One of a matched pair in the nucleus
2 Mercaptoethanol, for instance
3 1980 chemistry Nobelist Wlater
5 Trachea location
6 Spliceosome component: abbr.
7 Word derived from the Latin for knowledge
8 Uninterpreted information
13 Jaw attachment
14 Pituitary gland secretion: abbr.
16 Iota's predecessor
18 Surface appendages of bacteria
19 Word coined in 1891 by an Irish physicist
21 The "O" in "MAO inhibitor"
22 Stimulation
24 1904 physiology or medicine Nobelist Pavlov...

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