By Eric Albert

1 Suckling site
4 New tissue that forms over a wound
9 Polish place
10 Normal rhythmical contraction of the heart
11 Seed's first organ
12 Tar: Spanish
13 Call forth
15 75% of everything, by mass
16 Contaminate with germs
18 The brain's is gray or white
20 Embryo's umbilical connection
24 Digestive result
26 Reproductive cell
27 Parasite's source of nourishment
30 Down syndrome abnormality
31 Precious metal
32 DNA replication enzyme that untwists
33 Compond formed from two identical molecules.
1Involving muscular movement
2Of the marrow
3Red seaweek product
4Unit of heat
5Chest protectors
6Common sense
7Argon-40 or lead-207, e.g.
8Severe organic brain impairment
14Organ's roundish projection or division
15Blood cell
17Cervix, etymologically
19A principal component of DNA
21One of the first amino acids to be discovered...

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