By Eric Albert

1 Cholesterol level increaser
9 Circulation fluid
10 Female sex hormone
11 It gives punch its punch
13 Resisting chemical change
15 ELISA, e.g.
17 Uncomined chemically
18 "Curriculum" follower
20 Incremental change symbol
21 It grows about as third as fast as hair
22 Wound souvenir
25 Chemistry Nobelist of 1958 and 1980
26 Benign tumor of glandular origin
29 Polar amino acid
31 It's initially formed in the nephrons
32 28 Down, for example
2Deciduous body part
3The capybara is the largest living one
4Digital terminal?
5Graph stuff
6Increasing the fitness
7Hyperglycemia victim
8Alternative form of a gene
12Voice box
14Conic section?
16Element used in solar cells
19DNA or RNA link
20Doctor's orders
23Substance used to detect of measure another substance
24Logically infer from the...

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