By Eric Albert

1 Substance necessary to a biochemical process.
4 Biochemist who noted regularities in nucleotide bases
9 Less than 90 degrees.
10 Carnivore found in ponds and streams.
11 Hormone responsible for breast nipple pigmentation.
12 Apoplexy
14 Fossil discovered in 1974.
15 Having the same osmotic pressure.
19 Conveying to an organ.
20 Radical adjective
23 Foot apiece.
25 Convert into gas.
27 It develops to fill the spinal column and cranium.
28 Bug behind most urinary tract infections: abbr.
29 Pseudocoelomate.
30 Artificial variety of a species.
1Sperm cell locomotion organ.
2Barnacle class
3Gene cluster working as a coordinated unit.
5Calorie counter's interest.
6Chemical conversion starting material.
7Type of acid.
8Phalanx location.
10Force per unit area.
13____ deviation.
16Stomach cancer, but not bone cancer, e.g.
17Conveying from an organ.

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