By Eric Albert

1 Sequence giving protein formation info
3 Disease detection procedure
10 ___________ mosaic virus
11 Element discoverd by Klaproth in 1789
12 Common experimental subject
13 Z equivalent
14 Protein and fat store in one of 28 Across
15 Big name in AIDS research
17 Nonprotein enzyme helper
20 Monera members
22 It articulates with the femur and talus
25 Uncombined chemically
27 Structure formed in the cell during mitosis
28 They develop in 6 Down
31 Iris stem, for instance
32 It can activate a receptor to induce a pharmacological response
33 Nitrogenous base - pentose - phosphate group
34 Capillary-heart connector
1 Acid/alcohol reaction product
2 Where an electron can usually be found
4 Ethanol or dimethyl ether, e.g.
5 Islets of Langerhands secretion
6 Reproductive gland
7 CCC, for one
8 Secondary messenger for several hormones; abbr.
9 Thin sac...

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