By Eric Albert

1 Organic molecule serving as a cofactor.
5 Protein cell enclosing the viral genome.
10 Shinbone
11 Micturation fluid
12 Dr.'s order
13 Basic amino acid
14 Genetic engineering and so on, for short
15 Fluid-filled, saclike structure
16 Vena follower
18 ____-interferon
20 What the appendix is appended to
22 Disease of the sebuceous glands
23 Microbe
25 Artificially maintained away from a living organism
27 Body cavity of higher metazoans
29 Limbic system component?
30 Type of CNS supporting cell
31 Bring out
32 G, e.g.
33 It contains large, basophilic granules
1 End of a cell?
2 Megaspore of a seed-bearing plant
3 Most common cytokinin in plants
4 Muridae member
6 Benign tumor of glandular origin
7 Squamata member
8 Separating membrane
9 Mesenchephalon
15 ATP conversion result
17 Sort of steroid
19 Interanimal chemical signal
21 DNA-altering compound...

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