By Eric Albert

1 Animal with differentiated cells and distinct organs.
5 Enzyme capable of activating a zymogen.
10 Arthropoad and Chordata, e.g.
11 _____ globulin
12 Class of antibodies found on B-cell external membranes.
13 Carbon ______
14 Psychologist Burrhus Frederic
15 It grows roughly one-third of a millimeter a day.
16 Emit coherent light.
18 Work with axes and logs, say
20 Body restorative
22 With 23 Across, nuclear fission discoverer
23 See 22 Across
25 Excitement
27 Larynx-bronchi connector
29 Nonpolar protein amino acid: abbr.
30 Plant hormone that promotes growth.
31 He shared a prize with Wilkins and Watson.
32 Plaque attack victim.
32 Enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide
1Dual deg.
2Hormone that regulates metabolic rate.
3Plant hormone that promotes tissue growth.
4Agar source
6Use of PET or CAST, e.g.
7One product of dissociation of...

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