By Eric Albert

1 Heaviest halogen
5 Disease whose suffers have St. Vitus as a patron saint.
9 Carry a solute across a membrane.
11 Calcium for one
12 Suddenly depart from a heritable types
13 Labyrinth
15 Melanin-deficiency condition
16 Bedroom-dwelling arachnid
19 External: pref.
20 Bihemispherical body
23 It can be treated with isopentyl nitrite
24 Methane, ____, propane,...
27 Class member
28 Not dominant
29 Cuspid
30 Mass of blood outside a vessel
1Disease involving bronchi
2Inherited characteristic
3Container on a centrifuge
4Element whose name is derived from a word for "new"
6Reflex-testing tool
7Its atomic number is 44
8Dander or dust, for example
10Metal with the highest melting point
14Toward the front plane of the body
15tRNA-ending triplet, e.g.
17________ acid (vitamin A)
18Eukaryote kingdom
21Impulse-conducting cell

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