By Eric Albert

1 Forebrain site where retinal nerves cross.
10 Centipede class
11 It has an outer cortex and a central medulla
12 _____ syndrome (monosomy X)
13 Seminal canal
15 Electrified-tungsten product
16 Vaccine type
17 Blood pigment
20 Phototopic vision mediator
21 Bacterial surface appendages
22 Thirteen feet of the small intestine
25 Element named after Scandanavia
27 Phyicist who developed the atomic theory of matter
29 Certain succulents
30 Compound used in treating rheumatic fever
31 It has an outer cortex and a central medulla
2Essential attribute
3Five percent of the Earth's crust, by weight
4tRNA-ending anticodon
5l-dopa, e.g.
6Bacteria on which penicillin was first used, for short
7Salivary ___ (digestive enzyme)
8_____CoA (Krebs cycle compound)
9Element present in the protoplasm of all living matter
13Thymine, in RNA
14Alkali metal

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