By Eric Albert

1 Alanine derivative
5 Virion's outer shell
10 Digit with only two phalanges
11 Woman after whose homeland an element is named
12 Antibody that appears upon initial antigen exposure
13 Type of track
14 Most structurally sophisticated molecular type
15 Mammal's first fluid
16 Plantae and Fungi, say
18 Potassium-____ dating
20 Any of the -omas
22 Iris layer
23 Most sensible location?
25 Rod-shaped bacteria
27 Pelvis's posterior wall
29 "Bad" kind of cholesterol: abbr
30 Amphibian order
31 Bring out
32 Growing disease
33 It goes right to the heart
1Reference an article
2Corn cotyledon, e.g.
3One of four elements named after the same village
4Organism's position in a community
6Benign tumor of glandular origin
7Cord container
8Tendency for one side of the brain to be boss
9Beginning of mitosis

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