By Eric Albert

1 Element named after the moon
5 Best metal conductor of heat
9 Experimental subject, often
11 Antitoxin
12 Able to survive outside the uterus
13 Abnormal respiratory behavior
14 "Bad" kind of cholesterol; abbr.
16 Oval gland
17 It allows for movement between the femur and tibia
20 Morph prefix
21 Dissolve the maximum amount in a solution
24 Where babies come from
25 Nervous sensation
26 Communicate a pathogen to
29 Ceramic, for one
30 Weasel order
31 Eyetooth, e.g.
34 Mutation in which a nucleotide pair is lost
1 Mucin-containing substance
2 Vulval lips
3 Abnormal grwoth of tissue
4 Fish : ammonia :: mammal: ?
6 Upper part of an arch
7 Degree of pathogenicity
8 "I have a dream" state
10 Poisenous metal
15 Ascorbic acid
16 Solution-strength determining process
18 Our era
19 Hepatitis symptom
22 Organ...

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