Courtesy of BioCrystal

The OptiCell culture system

Despite the explosion in cell biology research, the practice of cell culture has changed very little since the 1940s. However, with the OptiCell™ system, BioCrystal Ltd. of Westerville, Ohio, takes a bold step to simplify and streamline the cell culture process. OptiCell offers a complete cell culture system built around the OptiDyne™ membrane, a novel gas-permeable, optically clear substrate. Each sterile OptiCell is composed of two membranes held 2 mm apart in a rigid, microtiter plate-sized frame, such that cells can be grown on one or both surfaces, as well as in suspension. The OptiDyne membrane is specially treated to promote attachment of anchorage-dependent cells, such as fibroblasts.

OptiCell offers a number of benefits to alleviate the shortcomings of current cell culture tools. Optically clear, the growth surfaces allow visual access to living cells and processes with any kind of microscope and standard...

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