linkurl:1. Fighters in fat;
Larval root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita
Image: Courtesy of the Agricultural Research Service
A new type of immune cell dubbed the "natural helper cell," found around the fat stores of the gut, activates B-cells and produces more Th2-type cytokines than other cells, possibly contributing to allergic immunity, clearance of parasitic worms and wound healing.K. Moro et al., "Innate production of T(H)2 cytokines by adipose tissue-associated c-Kit(+)Sca-1(+) lymphoid cells," linkurl:Nature,; 463:540-44, 2010. Evaluated by Avinash Bhandoola, Univ Penn; John Gordon Foster and Steve Ward, Univ Bath, UK; Troy Randall, Univ Rochester; Dale Umetsu, Children's Hosp Boston, Harvard Med Sch; Dhaya Seshasayee and Flavius Martin, Genentech; James Di Santo, Inst Pasteur, France; Richard Locksley, UCSF. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:2. Worm-bacteria tag team in mice; Trichuris muris, a common nematode parasite of mice, depends on the host's gut bacteria to help its eggs hatch. Furthermore, T. muris-infected...
K.S. Hayes et al., "Exploitation of the intestinal microflora by the parasitic nematode Trichuris muris," linkurl:Science,; 328:1391-94, 2010. Evaluated by Thomas Nutman, NIH; Richard Locksley, UCSF; Paul Brindley, George Washington Univ. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:3. Pig worms treat Crohn's; R.W. Summers et al., "Trichuris suis therapy in Crohn's disease," linkurl:Gut,; 54:87-90. Evaluated by Etienne Joly, CNRS, France; Steve Ward, Univ Bath, UK; Thomas Nutman, NIH; Paul Brindley, George Washington Univ. linkurl: Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:4. Anti-inflammatory worm eggs; P. Smith et al., "Schistosoma mansoni secretes a chemokine binding protein with antiinflammatory activity," linkurl:J Exp Med,; 202:1319-25, 2005. Evaluated by Richard Grencis, Univ Manchester; Thomas Wynn, NIH; Thomas Nutman, NIH. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:5. Achilles heel of immune response?; M. Savignac et al., "Dihydropyridine receptors are selective markers of Th2 cells and can be targeted to prevent Th2-dependent immunopathological disorders," linkurl:J Immunol,; 172:5206-12, 2004. Evaluated by Dan Conrad, VA Commonwealth Univ. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:6. Worms prevent diabetes in mice; P. Zaccone et al., "Schistosoma mansoni antigens modulate the activity of the innate immune response and prevent onset of type 1 diabetes," linkurl:Eur J Immunol,; 33:1439-49, 2003. Evaluated by Matthias von Herrath; La Jolla Instit for Allergy and Immunology. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:7. A macrophage trigger on Th1 cells?; L, Monney et al., "Th1-specific cell surface protein Tim-3 regulates macrophage activation and severity of an autoimmune disease," linkurl:Nature,; 415:536-41, 2002. Evaluated by Betty Tsao, UCLA. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;

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