TIP TROVE | Traveling on a Light Budget

Courtesy of NIH

Traveling on a budget isn't much different for researchers than when they were students. For trips of a relatively short duration, going by train instead of plane offers benefits such as less time required to check in, and more room for paperwork while en route. Sharing a hotel room with a peer can result in significant savings. Although many now use the Web for travel arrangements, consider soliciting recommendations from a travel agent, who can be a resource for situations in which the costs you are analyzing don't look right.

--Barry Koitz, chief of the Office of Financial Management/Travel, National Institutes of Health


TRAINING @ | Learn to Map the Genome

WHAT: Working with the Human Genome Sequence workshop

WHERE: The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK

WHY: Designed to enable participants to explore all the human genomic...

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