Eminent Chemists: Video programs featuring distinguished chemists discussing their achievements. The American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C.

Personal encounters with some of the greatest contemporary American chemists are not everyday occurrences for today's students. This series of videotapes produced by the American Chemical Society, 'however, is designed to change that. For chemical educators who wish to open new dimensions to students, these tapes not only help combat the dehumanized view of science, but also aid in motivating individuals alienated by the impersonal, rational and logical approach of most science textbooks.

A sense of history can give the student a feeling for the movement, progress and continuous change inherent in science—the idea of science not as a static body of facts but rather as a dynamic human activity, with today's theories being merely on the leading edge of a trail from the past that stretches indefinitely into the future. It can...

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