ABOVE: The Scientist

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Click the puzzle for a full-size, interactive version.

1. External obliques et al., for short
4. Triangular bones of the lower back 
9. Taken by mouth 
13. Silicate with a layered structure 
15. Test of a drug’s effectiveness, for example 
16. 1-Across location 
17. Name of five Norwegian kings 
18. Fix a loose shoelace, perhaps 
19. Polydactyl cats have extra ones 
20. A neurotransmitter that affects mood and emotions 
22. Unconscious periods 
23. Certain Egyptian Christian 
24. Drink slowly 
25. Use the BioRender program, perhaps 
27. Parts of hearts 
31. Spoke aloud 
32. Big cat, also known as a mountain lion 
35. React to a ref’s bad call 
36. One of a class of lipid-based neurotransmitters 
39. Target of some hypertension drugs: Abbr. 
40. Members of a cast 
41. Propellers of canoes 
42. Country enclosed by South Africa 
44. High, in Spanish 
45. Member of the family Apidae 
46. Dog breed known for its corded coat 
48. Old anesthetic with the formula (C2H5)2
51. Most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter in vertebrates 
56. Second-person possessive 
57. Country where the Micronesian imperial pigeon can be found 
58. Evolution by natural selection is a big one 
59. Therefore 
60. Open sore in the stomach’s lining 
61. Large amounts 
62. Observed with the eyes 
63. Not available, as a seat 
64. Sault ___ Marie, Michigan 


1. Cognitive psychologist Tversky 
2. Substance stored by the gallbladder 
3. Evidence of an old surgery 
4. Device for sharpening a razor 
5. “___ we all?” 
6. ___ Field (home stadium of the New York Mets) 
7. Liquid precipitation 
8. Liquid in a yard 
9. Eight-armed cephalopods 
10. Laboratory or office, for example 
11. Cell surface ___ 
12. Not as much
14. Fruit that matures on a tree but ripens off the tree 
21. Drag behind 
22. Wispy clouds 
24. Impales 
25. Certain mating ritual 
26. Goes by car, bike, or horse 
27. Common growth medium in a microbiology lab 
28. WWII menace 
29. “Schitt’s Creek” role played by Catherine O’Hara 
30. Lays down turf 
31. It should be airtight to create a vacuum 
32. Temporary data storage 
33. Not fooled by 
34. Colorful card game 
37. Provide food and drink 
38. Betting feature of some poker games 
43. Uranus moon named for a Shakespearean fairy king 
44. In the style of 
46. Culinary mash-up? 
47. Reversal of direction 
48. What ommatidia make up 
49. Ripped 
50 Like blue whales 
51. Fancy party 
52. Uncontrollable factor in some scientific discoveries 
53. Big fusses 
54. Structure for a geological researcher, perhaps 
55. Lack of difficulty 
57. Fruit with a woody wall