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The Cell Image Library

This open-access database developed by the American Society for Cell Biology hosts a vast collection of images, animations, and videos of a variety of cell types and functions—from digestion in the common yeast to mitosis in a human liver cancer cell.

Stripped Science

When he’s not working on unraveling the mysteries of iron metabolism at the University of Pécs, Hungary, PhD student Viktor S. Poór works hard exposing the funny side of science through his weekly comic strips in his “Stripped Science” blog hosted by Nature.

The Brain Observatory

Jacopo Annese, director of the Brain Observatory at the University of California San Diego, hopes to collect and image 1,000 human brains of all walks of life in the next decade. Donors will join the ranks...

The Martin Humphries Lab

Martin Humphries’ lab at the University of Manchester studies how integrins, the protein equivalents of Velcro, help cells stick together. Developed by the lab members, the website features an image gallery as well as a resource section for the lay reader.

Carin Bondar’s Corner

Biologist and science writer Carin Bondar infuses her website with her quick wit and her awe for Earth’s biodiversity. You can watch the latest video in her series “Biomusings,” read weekly deconstructions of top scientific papers, learn about science job openings, and much more.[poll id="4"]


2011 Labbies | Video Finalists | Website Finalists

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