A sampling of how you can use caBIG

Biobanking management with caTissue

  • Access a library of well characterized, clinically annotated biospecimens.
  • Use the tool to keep an inventory of a user’s own samples.
  • Track the storage, distribution, and quality assurance of specimens.

Molecular discovery

  • The caIntegrator – Combines proteomics, gene expression, and other basic research data with clinical trial results.
  • The caArray – A repository of microarray data, which allows users to submit and annotate their data.
  • The geWorkbench – Allows integration of gene mircoarray data from multiple manufacturers and permits analysis and visualization of that data.

Clinical trial software bundle

  • Track clinical trial registrations.
  • Facilitate automatic capture of clinical laboratory data.
  • Manage reports describing adverse events during clinical trials.

Imaging analysis

  • Includes The National Cancer Imaging Archive, a repository for medical images including CAT scans and MRIs.
  • Quantitative assessment...

If you need help getting started, you can find tutorials at http://caBIG.cancer.gov, or you can reach technical support at 888-478-4423.

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