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This week's Gadget Watch features ... watch gadgets. The Antidote Watch, manufactured by Android, features a pill-sized "secret" compartment for storing pharmacologics, breath mints, small insects, or whatever suits your fancy. As an added plus, this analog time piece's face changes color according to body temperature, offering a convenient alternative to bulky, uncomfortable mood rings. A great gift for a tense coworker: an accessory that diagnoses anxiety and treats it, too.

And to ease interpersonal relations in the lab, there's the X2X WristLinx Communicator from XACT Communications. Sporting a built-in, voice-activated, 22-channel walkie-talkie (two-way radio), this digital wristwatch has a range of up to 1.5 miles. That means you could bark orders at your lab mates without leaving your desk – or perhaps even your house. Or you can respectfully request assistance – "more pipettes, please" – in the cell culture room.

Both items are available...

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