Tracie White

Tracie White is an award-winning journalist and a science writer for Stanford Medicine. She graduated from UC Berkley and has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She lives in Aptos, California.

Articles by Tracie White
Book excerpt from <em>The Puzzle Solver</em>
Book excerpt from The Puzzle Solver
Tracie White | Jan 5, 2021
In Chapter 3, “The Adventure,” author Tracie White meets Whitney Dafoe, a young man imprisoned by a chronic disease.
A Geneticist&rsquo;s Quest to Understand His Son&rsquo;s Mysterious Disease
A Geneticist’s Quest to Understand His Son’s Mysterious Disease
Tracie White | Jan 1, 2021
Ronald Davis of Stanford University changed his focus to research on ME/CFS, the disease formerly known as chronic fatigue syndrome, in a bid to help his son and others like him.