LIVE Symposium

Monday, June 19, 2023
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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Tumors are molecular and cellular mosaics that acquire numerous mutations. Scientists seek to identify tumorigenic mutations among thousands of other genetic differences to help clinicians predict therapy and survival outcomes for different cancer types.

In this symposium brought to you by The Scientist’s Creative Services Team, researchers will discuss precision genomic and transcriptomic profiling in cancer clinics and how big data approaches help scientists understand patient data in real time.

Symposium program

11:00 AM – Introduction

11:10 AM – Spatial transcriptomics of pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PanIN) - carcinogenesis revealed with spatial data integration

Luciane Tsukamoto Kagohara, PhD 

11:45 AM – Forecasting pancreatic carcinogenesis from spatial multi-omics

Elana J. Fertig, PhD, FAIMBE

12:20 PM – Proteomics approaches to rationalize anticancer drug responses: towards next generation precision medicine

Pedro R. Cutillas, PhD

1:30 PM - Open panel Q&A session
Deanna MacNeil from The Scientist's Creative Services Team will be joined by the entire panel in an open question and answer session where presenters will address questions posed by the audience.


Luciane Tsukamoto Kagohara, PhD 
Assistant Professor
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center 
Johns Hopkins University

Jie Sun 

Elana J. Fertig, PhD, FAIMBE
Division Director and Associate Cancer Center Director, Quantitative Sciences 
Co-Director, Convergence Institute
Co-Director, Single-Cell Training and Analysis Center (STAC)
Daniel Nathans Scientific Innovator
Oncology, Biomedical Engineering, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Johns Hopkins University


Pedro R. Cutillas, PhD
Professor, Cell Signalling and Proteomics
Centre for Genomics and Computational Biology
Barts Cancer Institute - a Cancer Research UK Centre of Excellence
Queen Mary University of London

Akanksha Khare

Akanksha Khare
Advanced Scientist, R&D
Diagnostics & Genomics Group, Agilent Technologies

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