Cracking Cloning

Nuclear transfer research encompasses some of the most compelling biological and ethical puzzles of our time. In an online publishing experiment, we asked you, The Scientist readers, to help us create the article. Here's how you would solve the mysteries of the egg, fertilization, and cloning.

By The Readers and Editors of The Scientist

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1. The guidelines were similar, but differed in how research should be overseen. Still, say Leonard Zon and colleagues at the Children's Hospital Boston Stem Cell Program, in a post to our Web discussion, "Debate continues around the world about when monetary incentives may become an undue factor in a woman's decision to donate."

Kevin Eggan, from Harvard, says he's aggravated with what he perceives as a double standard. In the Spring of last year, he and Doug Melton received approval for human nuclear transfer experiments. But while fertility clinics routinely...

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