Functional expression of muscinaric receptors in Drosphila cells stably transfected with pMT/V5. Transient carbamylcholine induce Ca2+ uptake is shown by fluorescence of Fura-2 (Panel B), a Ca2+ sensitive dye.
Expressing proteins has never been easier than with Invitrogen's new Drosophila Expression System, DESTM. DES takes you anywhere you want to go with protein expression and purification. With it you can make transient or stable transformants; by cotransfecting it with a hygromycin resistant vector, you can create transformants with hundreds of copies of your protein-bearing vector; it'll take your protein to the membrane, it'll secrete it, and it'll add a C-terminal tag to your protein. All these options are available along with the additional advantages of insect expression systems-room temperature, atmospheric growth, and growth in the absence of serum, further simplifying protein purification.

DES comes in four different forms. Two vectors contain the metallothionein promoter for inducible...

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