Fowl Dentata

A few months ago I saw in The Scientist1 the single most frightening image I have ever seen. It was a chicken with teeth. Although worse pictures have been served up over the years--death, destruction, mutilation--this was the most indigestible. A modern-day metaphor for science hailed as a breakthrough, as perhaps it truly is. I trust good will come from this in terms of genetic control of odontoblasts and suppression of evolutionary DNA repression. But give me a break. Having viewed this grotesque bird, I have not been able to eat an omelet, chicken soup, or chicken McNuggets for two months, once my favorite foods.

Brian Mullin, MD
Washington, DC

1. P. Hunter, "Cluck, cluck, chomp, chomp," The Scientist, 17[14]:16, July 14, 2003.

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