Spatial biology is a rapidly evolving field, and scientists must advance their throughput and imaging capabilities to keep up. Multiplexed staining processes and automated fluidics enable researchers to rapidly analyze whole tissue sections at the subcellular level. 

To explore an instrument that offers these benefits, apply for the CellScapeTM Pilot Award Program. Winning applicants will work with the Canopy team to analyze up to four samples of their choosing on the CellScapeTM instrument with ChipCytometryTM pre-validated panels or kits for spatial profiling.    

Apply for a chance to work with Canopy experts to test your samples.

Pre-validated panel and kit descriptions

  • Human PBMCs: 15-plex Immune Cell Profiling Panel – CD25, CD19, CD45, CD16, CD11c, HLA-DR, CD4, CD27, CD3, CD56, CD14, CD8, CD45RA, CD123, FoxP3 
  • Human PBMCs: 18-plex COVID-19 Immune Cell Phenotyping Panel – CD19, CD25, CD16, CD38, CD4, CD27, CD3, CD56, CD45, HLA-DR, CD279 (PD-1), CD14, CD11c, CD8, CD123, Ki67, CD45RA, FoxP3
  • Human PBMCs: T-Cell Assay Kit – CD3, CD4, CD25, CD27, CD39, CD45RA, CD8, CD45
  • Human FFPE Tissue: 16-plex Spatial Immune Cell Phenotyping Panel – CD3, CD25, CD45, CD27, CD14, CD56, CD45RA, CD8, CD11c, HLA-DR, CD123, CD4, FoxP3, Pan-CK, CD20, DNA
  • Human FFPE Tissue: Spatial Immune Profiling Assay Kit – CD3, CD27, Ki67, CD45, CD45RA, FoxP3, CD68, EpCAM, PD-1, CD8, PD-L1, Granzyme B, CD4, DNA
  • Human FF Tissue: 21-plex Spatial Immuno-oncology Panel – CD3, CD4, CD8, CD14, CD56, CD68, CD45, CD45RO, Pan-CK, EpCAM, CD45RA, HLA-DR, CD279 (PD-1), CD20, FoxP3, CD11c, CD123, CD340 (HER2), CD31, CD38
  • Mouse FF Tissue: 17-plex Spatial Immune Profiling Panel – CD3, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD11c, CD45, B220 (CD45R), CD69, CD206, CD335, F4/80, FoxP3, Gr-1, Ki67, MHC II, Pan-CK, DNA
  • Mouse FF Tissue: 14-plex Neuro Spatial Phenotyping Panel – CD11b, CD40, CD45, CD68, ChAT, DAT1, GFAP, MBP, Nestin, NeuN, TH, TMEM119, vGluT1, DNA

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