5-Prime | It's All in the Translation

Those who voted in the Best Places survey (see How They Measure Up: Scientific Institutions) live in many different towns. And while they may wear, eat, or do similar things, one would never know it by listening to them ...

Tightening Bunnyhugs, Snapping Suspenders The men at Purdue University wear undershirts, called vests by those at the University of Manchester. While suspenders on men might be fine at Purdue, men at Manchester would never attach them to their pants: In Great Britain, pants are what Americans call underwear, and only women wear suspenders--to hold up their stockings!

Michigan State University researchers pull on sweaters or turtlenecks, and those at the University of Dundee wear jumpers or polo-necks. A University of Alberta scientist might don a toque (pronounced "took"), a type of winter hat, or a bunnyhug, a hooded sweatshirt with a front...

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