A.D. Friedman, W.H. Landschulz, S.L. McKnight, "CCAAT/enhancer binding protein activates the promoter of the serum albumin gene in cultured hepatoma cells," Genes & Development, 3: 1314-22, 1989.

Alan D. Friedman (Johns Hopkins Oncology Center, Baltimore): "CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) is perhaps best known as the prototypical basic region-leucine zipper DNA-binding protein (Science, 243:1681-88, 1989). This paper, however, represents part of the earliest efforts of the McKnight laboratory to investigate the functions of C/EBP. Not surprisingly, C/EBP was shown to be a transcriptional activator. Perhaps more interestingly, it was also shown to be present at much higher levels in differentiated hepatocytes compared to immature hepatoma cells. This was one of our first clues that C/EBP might inhibit cell growth, as we later showed (Science, 251:288-92, 1991).

"C/EBP is being found in a growing assortment of mammalian cell types, and has therefore become of interest to numerous investigators. Indeed, I have recently...

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