Courtesy of Nikon Instruments

Nikon Instruments of Melville, NY, is looking to blot out irreproducible results. Sporting new optics and enhanced usability features, the company's Eclipse 90i helps microscopists make the most of their data. "Photographs are fine, but you need digital data to satisfy your peers, and you need to be able to resolve that data to a degree that others come to the same conclusion you do," says Stan Schwartz, vice president of products and marketing.

Nikon redesigned its lens system to correct optical distortions that are too subtle for the human eye to see but can show up in digital images. The system offers clear resolution of wavelengths as small as 405 nm (into the violet range of the light spectrum); most microscopes stop at 450 nm. The new optics also ensure that all colors focus in the same plane, so no part of a sample appears...

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