A two-year-old review paper on advances in using genetically engineered biofuel crops to boost ethanol production was retracted from __Nature Reviews Genetics__ (__NRG__) because the author stole the bulk of a paragraph from another paper she had peer reviewed.
Image by Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia
The review author, Michigan State University plant scientist Mariam Sticklen, wrote in the current issue of __NRG__ that she was linkurl:retracting;http://www.nature.com/nrg/journal/v11/n4/full/nrg2777.html her article "due to a paragraph being paraphrased without attribution." According to an investigative committee at Michigan State University, Sticklen modified a paragraph from a manuscript she was peer reviewing for the journal __Plant Science__ in 2008 and inserted into her own during the final stages of revision at __NRG__. Sticklen told __The Scientist__ that her mistake was inadvertent, precipitated by a medical condition that affected her memory and cognition. "All I know is that I did not do wrong," she said. Ziv...
Editor's Note (04/01/10, 4:20 PM EDT): when originally posted, the article misspelled Sticklen's first name.regrets the error.

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