Far far away, on the mythical world of Soma, an epic battle rages. Heroic warriors are locked in mortal combat with an army of depraved villains, hell bent on infecting the planet and wreaking awful destruction. The fate of Soma hangs in the balance.
Coxiella burnetti
Image: The Healing Blade,
Nerdcore Learning
Though Soma isn't real -- it's actually the setting for a new fantasy card game developed by two physicians/self-professed geeks -- it may help medical students learn important lessons about how and when to use specific drugs to vanquish an ever-evolving cast of real-life bacterial foes. Healing Blade was developed by linkurl:Nerdcore Learning,;www.nerdcorelearning.com a San Francisco based gaming company led by two physicians, Arun Mathews and Francis Kong. Players of the game can choose to be good guys, called Apothecary Healers, or bad guys, called Lords of Pestilence, each of whom has several weapons in their hand. The...
Bacteroides fragilisClostridium perfringensEnterococcus fecalisPseudomonas aeruginosaP. aeruginosa

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