Selected Genotyping Platforms

System/Platform Reaction Method Pro Con Vendor Relative Cost *
Luminex, Bio-Plex ASPE (see figure), SBE, OLA • Choice of chemistries for PCR
• Multiplexing capability (up to 50-plex), especially for multiple variants from the same gene
• Optimization may be difficult
• Requires dedicated instrument
Luminex, Bio-Rad $$
Molecular inversion probes & GeneChip Probe hybridization • Ideal for genome-wide studies
• Can be customized for smaller projects
• Can be outsourced
• Without outsourcing, requires costly capital investment Affymetrix $
GoldenGate & BeadArray ASPE & OLA Illumina $
Infinium II & BeadArray ASPE / SBE Illumina $
TaqMan FRET (see figure) • Highly specific and sensitive
• Simple closed-tube procedure
• Limited multiplexing
• Relatively costly
Applied Biosystems $$$
High-resolution melting-curve analysis Intercalating dye, hybridization probe (labeled or unlabeled) • Rapid, inexpensive, suitable for multiplex...

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