Stephen Jay Gould... and Baseball... and Advice

Having read your Commentary on The Man,1 alas, there is yet another tear in the corner of my eye. Above my office bulletin board, encased in plastic is the SJG baseball card passed out at the AAAS meeting where he was roasted on the occasion of his presidential address. I approached Steve afterward and asked if he would autograph the card for me. "I can't do it here, Joe," he responded, "or everybody will want me to. Send it to me at home."

I did... and he did. I hate baseball, but I miss Steve a lot.

Joseph Blumberg
Manager of Science Communications
The State University of New Jersey
101 Somerset St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1281


Your experience with Steve so closely echoes my own. My correspondence with him also started in graduate school (in 1974), and I too was...

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