Variant libraries are powerful tools for investigating genetic variations and advancing various fields of research, including genetics, medicine, biotechnology, and drug discovery.

In this series of one minute Did You Know videos from Twist Bioscience, discover how researchers use synthetic biology and DNA synthesis to

  • Characterize and catalogue cancer mutations
  • Precisely interrogate target recognition and antibody charge
  • Build chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) libraries for cell therapy

Did you know that tumor evolution is a significant problem for drug developers?

Learn how Twist Bioscience helps drug developers characterize and catalog mutations in the KRAS gene through large-scale saturation mutagenesis screens.

Did you know that ionic charge can affect antibody-target binding?

Learn how Twist Bioscience helped a leading pharmaceutical company precisely interrogate key residues involved in both target recognition and antibody charge by synthesizing combinatorial variant libraries.

Did you know that CAR T cell therapy requires multiple levels of protein engineering?

Learn how Twist Bioscience enabled researchers to narrow in on better, more effective CAR constructs through large scale synthesis and variant domain combination testing.

Did you know that between 1981 and 2019, antibodies and other biologics represented approximately 17 percent of the new drugs that entered the US market?

Learn how Twist Bioscience helped relieve the biologics bottleneck in the antibody discovery pipeline with a gene to protein workflow that results in antibodies ready for screening.