Systems biology at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

In an effort to restock the dwindling pipeline of new treatments, systems biology is increasingly becoming a part of drug discovery efforts.


Screen novel compounds with combinations of human primary cells to measure activity and understand their mechanism of action

Burlingame, California

Gene Network Sciences

Use models to improve quality of pre-clinical compounds and guide the design of clinical trials.? Evaluate cardiovascular safety with Visual Heart.?

Ithaca, New York


Apply causal-inference models to identify biomarkers for drug toxicity, drug resistance, and cardiovascular drug mechanisms.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Rosetta Inpharmatics
(subsidiary of Merck)

Identify targets in gene networks regulating obesity, diabetes, and other phenotypic traits, using microarray techniques.

Seattle, Washington


Use a human physiological model designed for understanding disease dynamics and optimizing drug and treatment schedules

Ramat Gan, Israel


Use virtual patients, recently modeling skin sensitivity for the...

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