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Many Non-Antibiotic Drugs Affect Gut Bacteria
Many Non-Antibiotic Drugs Affect Gut Bacteria
Catherine Offord | Mar 20, 2018
A new study finds that more than 200 human-targeted, non-antibiotic drugs inhibit the growth of bacterial species that make up part of the human microbiome.
Speaking of Science
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | Oct 1, 2013
October 2013's selection of notable quotes
Boosting Antipsychotic Drugs
Ed Yong | Aug 5, 2012
Chemicals that change the way DNA is packaged could improve the effects of current antipsychotics.
A Placebo for Schizophrenia?
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 26, 2012
The placebo effect in clinical trials of the mental disorder has increased over the past decade.