Channeling Animals
Molly Sharlach | Nov 24, 2015
Artists reinterpret structures built by birds, insects, and corals in a new exhibit.
Inside a Painter’s Brain
Ajai Raj | Oct 24, 2014
Dean Cercone shares the cortical correlates of his creative process as part of a neuroscience-inspired exhibition.
How Artistic Brains Differ
Jef Akst | Apr 18, 2014
A study reveals structural differences between the brains of artists and non-artists.
Bridging Two Worlds
Rachel Bernstein | Apr 4, 2014
Lynne Quarmby’s love of the natural world inspires her to explore beyond her cell biology lab through art.
Science Cartoonist Doesn’t Draw “Funny Style”
Becca Cudmore | Jan 31, 2014
Sidney Harris communicates science with minimal line work.
Beth Marie Mole | Oct 18, 2012
A scientist-turned-artist cultures bacteria into art.