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Review: <em>The End of Sex</em>
Review: The End of Sex
Tanya Lewis | May 13, 2016
Legal expert Henry Greely envisions a world in which advances in biotechnology obviate the need for sexual reproduction as we know it.
Book Review: <em>Personal Trials</em>
Book Review: Personal Trials
Arthur L. Caplan | Mar 22, 2016
At first blush, do-it-yourself clinical trials seem pointless and reckless. But a deeper truth pervades the research and the patients who drive it forward.
Capsule Reviews
Capsule Reviews
Annie Gottlieb | Jul 1, 2013
Denial, Probably Approximately Correct, Permanent Present Tense, and Against Their Will
Capsule Reviews
Capsule Reviews
Annie Gottlieb | Mar 1, 2013
The Undead, Frankenstein's Cat, The Universe Within, and Physics in Mind
Curiouser and Curiouser
Kenneth C. Catania | Aug 23, 2012
A review of the new book Curious Behavior, which delves into the quirks of human conduct.
On the Menu
Mary Beth Aberlin | Feb 1, 2012
Digestion on the cellular level: two mysteries examined