broadly neutralizing antibodies
Immunized Cows Produce Anti-HIV Antibodies
Jef Akst | Jul 20, 2017
Cows injected with a protein that mimics HIV’s envelope make broadly neutralizing antibodies that inhibit multiple strains of the virus.
Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies in HIV Patients
Jef Akst | Sep 28, 2016
Researchers identify aspects of the patient, the virus, and the infection itself that influence whether a person with HIV will produce broadly neutralizing antibodies.
Antibodies Prevent HIV Infection in Monkeys
Jef Akst | Apr 29, 2016
Infusing anti-HIV antibodies provides macaques with protection against infection for up to six months, according to a study.
Llamas as Lab Rats
Jenny Rood | May 1, 2015
From diagnostics to vaccines, llama antibodies point to new directions in HIV research.
Defeating the Virus
Wayne C. Koff | May 1, 2015
Recent discoveries are spurring a renaissance in HIV vaccine research and development.
HIV Antibody Therapy
Jef Akst | Apr 8, 2015
Delivering antibodies to HIV-infected people can lower levels of the virus, a study shows.