Chinese medicine
Rhino Forensics Used to Track Down Poachers and Traffickers
Katarina Zimmer | Jan 8, 2018
A genetic library for African rhinoceros populations has helped match illegally trafficked products to individual poached animals in more than 120 criminal cases. 
Bile Compound Prevents Diabetes in Mice
Kerry Grens | Nov 14, 2013
A chemical prevalent in the bear gallbladder abates a cellular stress response and stalls the progression of type 1 diabetes in rodents.
Week in Review: August 5–9
Jef Akst | Aug 9, 2013
Flu researchers propose H7N9 studies; NIH makes deal to share HeLa genome; herbal “remedies” can cause cancer; scientists record grid cell activity in humans
Cancer-Causing Herbal Remedies
Ruth Williams | Aug 7, 2013
A potent carcinogen lurks within certain traditional Chinese medicines.