DNA contamination
Decon Recon
Sarah C.P. Williams | Oct 1, 2015
Published genomes are chock-full of contamination. But as awareness of the problem grows, so do methods to help combat it.
The Great Big Clean-Up
Kerry Grens | Sep 1, 2015
From tossing out cross-contaminated cell lines to flagging genomic misnomers, a push is on to tidy up biomedical research.
Science Setbacks: 2014
Molly Sharlach | Dec 24, 2014
This year in life science was marked by paltry federal funding increases, revelations of sequence contamination, and onerous regulations.
Week in Review: November 10–14
Jef Akst | Nov 14, 2014
Funding for African science; microbiome studies may have contamination worries; mind-controlled gene expression; DNA record keeper
Fact or Artifact?
Jef Akst | Oct 29, 2014
A study documenting the ubiquity of DNA contamination calls into question a recent paper on food-derived nucleic acids in the human bloodstream.