Proposed US Spending Bill Boosts Science Funding
Shawna Williams | Mar 22, 2018
NIH, NSF, and the DOE’s Office of Science will be among the agencies with budget increases if the omnibus bill is passed.
Former US Energy Secretary to Lead AAAS
Diana Kwon | Jan 10, 2018
Steven Chu, the president-elect of the scientific organization, is a Nobel laureate and physicist at Stanford University.
Trump’s Budget May Cut Science Funding
Bob Grant | Feb 28, 2017
The president’s 2018 budget request tips the scales in favor of military spending and away from civilian funding agencies, such as the NIH and NSF.
Obama’s Budget Seeks Science Boost
Bob Grant | Feb 2, 2015
Fiscal year 2016 could be very bright for the research enterprise if the President’s budgetary requests are granted.
What Obama’s Budget Means for Science
Kate Yandell | Apr 12, 2013
The President’s 2014 budget includes a windfall for the NSF and cuts to the CDC.
Sequestration Threatens Science
Bob Grant | Sep 19, 2012
If Congress can't reach an agreement on reducing the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion, automatic decreases to key federal science agency budgets go into effect.
Obama Seeks Science Stimulus
Hannah Waters | Feb 14, 2012
President Obama released his proposed 2013 budget request, featuring a 1 percent increase in research spending overall.