Seismologists Cleared of Manslaughter
Seismologists Cleared of Manslaughter
Kerry Grens | Nov 11, 2014
Six Italian earthquake advisors, charged with manslaughter for not sounding the alarm on a 2009 temblor, had their convictions overturned.
Japan’s Nuclear Reboot Stalled
Japan’s Nuclear Reboot Stalled
Bob Grant | Feb 7, 2013
Regulators are warning that the Asian country’s nuclear power infrastructure may still be vulnerable to earthquakes.
Italian Earthquake Researchers Jailed
Italian Earthquake Researchers Jailed
Bob Grant | Oct 22, 2012
Seven people, including four scientists, are sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for failing to adequately assess the earthquake risk prior to a deadly 2009 quake.
Roaches to the Rescue
Elise Andrew | Sep 13, 2012
Live remote-controlled cockroaches may one day be used to seek out Earthquake victims buried in debris.
Radiation Maps for Japan
Ruth Williams | Nov 14, 2011
Researchers map the fallout from Fukushima.
Italian scientists on shaky ground
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 3, 2011
Italian seismologists are accused of manslaughter after failing to predict an earthquake that killed 309 people near the Italian city of L'Aquila.