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“Extreme Inequality” Entrenched in Academic Hiring: Study
“Extreme Inequality” Entrenched in Academic Hiring: Study
“Extreme Inequality” Entrenched in Academic Hiring: Study

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Florida Faculty Await Details on New Tenure Law
Natalia Mesa | May 4, 2022
Professors in the Sunshine State may soon face an additional tenure review process under the bill, but not much is yet known about how it will change tenure retention.
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HHMI Kickstarts $2 Billion Initiative to Boost Diversity in STEM
Chloe Tenn | Nov 23, 2021
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will invest the funds over 10 years across all stages of the STEM pipeline.
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University of Pittsburgh Faculty Unionize
Lisa Winter | Oct 21, 2021
The faculty voted 1511 to 612 to affiliate with United Steelworkers.
The Pandemic Continues to Put a Damper on Faculty Hiring
Abby Olena | Oct 5, 2020
As the hiring season gets underway, academic listings are still way down from last year, but there are signs of the job market picking back up.
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More Scientists Dismissed for Undisclosed Foreign Ties, Says NIH
Chia-Yi Hou | Jun 28, 2019
esearchers who failed to disclose affiliations and funding sources from other countries are under investigation, and some universities are letting them go discreetely and refunding grant money to the agency.
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Faculty Value Diversity, Though Time and Funding Are Barriers
Chia-Yi Hou | Jun 3, 2019
A study finds professors from underrepresented groups more actively engage in diversity and inclusion activities.
USC President Steps Down in Wake of Gynecologist Scandal
Sukanya Charuchandra | May 29, 2018
An uproar over the university’s handling of sexual misconduct accusations led to C.L. Max Nikias’s resignation.  
Petition Asks National Academy of Sciences to Boot Sexual Harassers
Shawna Williams | May 4, 2018
The organization says election to the NAS is for life.
Prominent Cell Biologist Fired After Data Manipulation Investigation
Shawna Williams | Apr 30, 2018
The University of Tokyo confirmed last August that Yoshinori Watanabe tampered with research-related images, and dismissed him in late April.
President of SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry Resigns
Kerry Grens | Mar 22, 2018
Quentin Wheeler’s firing of department chairs earlier this year didn’t sit well with university faculty members.  
Prominent Neuroscientist Fired by Columbia, HHMI
Shawna Williams | Mar 8, 2018
The specific reason for Thomas Jessell’s dismissal has not been disclosed.
Canadian Science Community Gathers Momentum in Improving Gender Equity
Viviane Callier | Jan 18, 2018
Institutions document the effects of unconscious bias and set specific goals for gender balance.
New Initiatives Offer Jobs, Funding to Women Only
Ashley Yeager | Jan 5, 2018
To correct gender disparities in academic science, the Max Planck Society and the Australian government are taking the uncommonly direct approach of affirmative action.
University of Rochester Faces Lawsuit for Mishandling Sexual Harassment Case
Shawna Williams | Dec 11, 2017
The nine plaintiffs allege the university’s actions put women at risk.
Academics Criticize University of Rochester’s Handling of Sexual Harassment Case
Shawna Williams | Nov 15, 2017
An open letter from hundreds of faculty members in the U.S. and abroad declares they won’t encourage students to pursue education or careers there.
Big Gender Gaps in Salk Institute Faculty: Report
Kerry Grens | Aug 23, 2017
Authored by Salk PIs, the study claims women attract more federal funding, yet have smaller labs and receive less support from the institute.
Diversity Lacking in US Academia: Study
Bob Grant | Aug 22, 2017
STEM faculties at public universities have an underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanics, and women, but there are signs of change.
Update: Turkish University Allegedly Censors Research Study
Aggie Mika | Jul 25, 2017
A cardiovascular surgeon’s research was rejected for publication because it referenced evolutionary theory, Turkish outlets report, while the university at the center of the tumult claims the story is false. 
USC to Fire Former Medical School Dean
Diana Kwon | Jul 24, 2017
Carmen Puliafito, once a renowned ophthalmologist and professor, engaged in illicit drug use and partied with prostitutes.