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Prenatal Sequencing for Some Autism Genes May Soon Be Available
Jessica Wright | Apr 22, 2019
Two studies, taken together, imply that sequencing can identify a genetic cause for ultrasound abnormalities in roughly 10 percent of cases.
Patent War for Prenatal Tests
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 28, 2012
Four companies who have developed noninvasive genetic prenatal tests are fighting over who has the patent rights to the new and revolutionary techniques.
Fetal Genome in Mom's Blood
Hayley Dunning | Jun 7, 2012
Scientists have sequenced the genome of an 18.5 week-old fetus using blood and saliva samples taken from the parents.
Another Non-invasive Fetal Test
Jef Akst | Nov 11, 2011
Fetal chromosomal microdeletions that can lead to developmental abnormalities are detectable in samples of the mother’s blood.