fund raising
Rare to the Rescue
Michael Yeaman and Victoria Jackson | May 1, 2018
Rarity is a strength, not a weakness, when lessons learned from rare disease patients buoy research and development to find cures for more common diseases.
Eliza's Story
The Scientist Staff | Apr 30, 2018
Watch the viral video that helped the family of a child with Sanfilippo syndrome raise more than $2 million.
Fighting Canavan Disease
The Scientist Staff | Apr 30, 2018
Meet the family seeking to fund research into a rare disease that afflicts their two boys.
Book Excerpt from The Power of Rare
Victoria Jackson and Michael Yeaman | Apr 30, 2018
In chapter 4, “Building a Cure Machine,” author Victoria Jackson reveals the challenges in launching a foundation focused on funding research on a rare disease.