gender parity

The Forgotten History of World War I–Era Female Scientists
Patricia Fara | Mar 1, 2018
As millions of men headed off to fight in the Great War, women researchers stayed behind to further science. Their struggle for equality rages on today.
2017 Life Science Salary Survey
Aggie Mika | Nov 1, 2017
Industry professionals make more than academic researchers, but for professors, it may not be about the money.
Salary Survey: By the Numbers
Aggie Mika | Oct 31, 2017
An overview of this year's results in graphical form
Study Tracks Gender Ratios at Conferences
Aggie Mika | Jul 31, 2017
While men make up the majority of invited speakers at four major virology conferences, recent trends demonstrate a greater inclusion of women. 
Gender Differences in Research Productivity
Yu Xie | Sep 26, 1999
Numerous studies have found that female scientists publish at slower rates than male scientists. In a classic statement of the problem, Jonathan Cole and Harriet Zuckerman characterize this gender gap in publication rates as "the productivity puzzle."