leaf-cutting ant
Biofuel Mimicry
Dan Cossins | Oct 1, 2013
Could the fungus-gardening activities of leafcutter ants teach humans how to produce sustainable biofuels?
Gardener's Delight
Dan Cossins | Sep 30, 2013
See the complex symbiosis going on between fungus, ants, and bacteria within a leafcutter anthill.
Ants Select Better Microbes
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 14, 2012
Researchers identified the 3-step process leaf-cutter ants use to grow helpful bacteria on their bodies.
Seirian Sumner: Wasp Whisperer
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 1, 2011
Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology, London. Age: 37
Genome Digest
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 13, 2011
Meet the species whose DNA has recently been sequenced.